Velozavodsky market

Today’s Velozavodsky Market is a modern agricultural compound with great advantages both for customers and the tenants. The natural organic products coming directly from the farms of various agricultural regions of Russia are within walking distance from the local citizens. The market also features exotic fruit, vegetables and sweets from Israel, China, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Mexico, Peru and many other countries. Special terms and conditions are available for small private farmers: for a symbolic rent they can sell fruit, vegetables, greens and flowers from their gardens, as well as their privately produced salted items. 

The reconstruction included the structure’s façade renovation and all the communications, all well as refrigeration show windows for fruit and vegetables. The different product category areas were isolated one from another and fitted with powerful refrigerators and instant organic waste disposal. For the first time in the market’s history it received a parking lot for 150 spaces, a modern food court, and proper mini bakeries for making fresh bread.  

The Velozavodsky Market got its name from the homonymous street where the First Moscow Bicycle Plant used to be. It was built in 1932 designed by Yu. Grinevetsky and M. Olenev. Initially the market included an area of off-carriage farmers’ potato sale, a plot of land with three rows of makeshift tents, where vegetables and greens were sold. The plot even had a concert stage and a kindergarten for farmers’ children.  

A standard Soviet-style building appeared on the plot in 1973. Since then the whole of South Port district of Moscow has been provided for with fresh vegetables directly from the garden, hot-fresh meat, selected curd and milk by this same Velozavodsky Market. The inhabitants of the southeast of Moscow went there shopping at the weekends with their families, looking for items unavailable in the ordinary shops.  

However, during the long years of operation the building has deteriorated and fell short of its purpose, being reconstructed only once in the course of this time. The structures became morally obsolete and needed renovations. The group of companies Kievskaya Square purchased 100% of Velozavodsky stock from VTB bank in 2017, closing the site for reconstruction. On March 22, 2018, the Velozavodsky Market welcomed its first customers. 
  • «Kievskaya ploshad» will create a business ecosystem based on the new gastro-market «Depo Tri vokzala». 

  • In October 2021, Kievskaya Ploshchad has replenished the company's assets with the Studenets estate located on the territory of the Krasnaya Presnya State Park.

  • In 2021, God Nisanov and the framework of the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies became shareholders of the Samolet development company, leading developer of mixed-use projects and specialises in creating modern, large-scale urban quarters.

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