The center of oceanography and marine biology «Moskvarium»

The largest center of oceanography and marine biology in Europe was opened in August 2015 in VDNKh. The construction lasted for two years.

The center occupies the total area of 53 thousand square meters. It holds 25 million litres of water. It can accept more than 2 million people during the year. 700 tons of sea salt were needed in order to start the Oceanarium.

The Oceanarium is divided in three zones: the zone of aquariums, the water show zone and the seven pool area for swimming with dolphins. The area of 12 thousand square meters accommodates 80 specially designed aquariums and swimming pools. 8 thousand marine and freshwater inhabitants live there. Their geography varies from Lake Baikal to the Galapagos Islands, from the Icelandic fjords to the Great Barrier Reef, from Greenland to Kamchatka. A special interactive area with a contact pool is allocated for children, so that they can touch the animals. This area is inhabited by sea stars, carps and ray fish. Educational seminars and screenings of documentaries about marine nature take place in the spacious Lecture Hall.

The "World Travel" show, featuring killer whales, beluga whales, dolphins, walruses and sea lions is performed on a giant water stage and is accompanied by three-dimensional projections and 5D effects. The auditorium is designed for 2300 seats.

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  • Kievskaya Square Group of Companies purchased the Velozavodsky Market from VTB bank in the winter of 2017, triggering a major reconstruction of the facilty. As soon as within a year the market was turned into a modern agricultural cluster, meeting all the requirements of today's megalopolis. The new market welcomed its first customers on March 22, 2018. 
  • Kievskaya Square Group of Companies purchased the Olympic Stadium in December, 2017. The new proprietors intend to turn it into a sports and entertainment center of the 21th century. The reconstruction which will take 2 years, stipulates a complete preservation of all the historic elements. 
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